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Twin Engine Coffee - Cuban Style / Whole bean

Twin Engine Coffee - Cuban Style / Whole bean
Some 400 years ago, in coffee’s journey from the East to the Americas, its first stop was the Caribbean island of Cuba. Over the centuries, Cuba's cultural labyrinth birthed a beautiful ‘cafecito’ culture. When walking through Old Havana, you will find the ‘cafecito’ bringing together all people in its own way. On every table, on every neighborhood stoop. Cuban Style coffee made its way to Miami in the 1950s and has grown from there. Twin Engine Coffee's Cuban Style is based on 15 years of experience & study. Bold, & Dark roasted. Crafted for making strong, clean coffee that our friends would be proud to drink. *100% Organic Specialty Arabica, Dark Roasted *Available in Whole bean or Finely Ground *Traditionally prepared in a stovetop espresso “Moka". Enjoyed in all preparations. *7 oz/200g. 20 cups. *100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted *USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade Federation Member

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